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Increases Grades, I.Q. Scores & Confidence!

Palm Beach County Florida, Delray Beach,
Boca Raton, Boynton Beach

Dr. Darryl Larman, a nationally recognized expert in the field of Childhood Learning and Development and a court appointed expert is bringing five decades of experience to Boca Raton and Palm Beach County, Florida. His methods help children and young adults soar to their maximum potential and develop confidence above your wildest dreams!

Dr. Larman's Palm Beach County Tutoring Center

Opens March 2024  |  Call After February 15, 2024. Thank you!

Please call after September 1st 2024 to make appointments for your son or daughter or grand children. Dr. Larman's programs are for school age children from Grade 2 through High School and Junior College. Give your child the tools needed to become a successful confident student with life skills that will last a lifetime.

Evaluations by Dr. Larman Will Be By Appointment Only.
Evaluation includes: Free vision exam, free neurological exam and free hearing test.
Dare to Be Smart, Palm Beach County learning center opens March 2024!

Dare to Be Smart learning and tutorimg program in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Boca Raton, Florida
Student assessment and tutoring program services in Boynton Beach.

The Best Affordable 1-on-1 Smart Tutoring Program in America!

Dr. Larman, a nationally recognized educator in learning problem assessment and evaluation.

Student grades, confidence, self-esteem and I.Q. scores all go up! There is no other program like Dr. Larman's, DARE TO BE SMART for Elementary through High School students thats exists anywhere!

The DARE TO BE SMART Program is a trailblazing and revolutionary powerhouse learning experience for students of all ages. The program will open and unlock the windows to learning for students that think they are not smart and have been labeled as a poor learner, learning disabled, dyslexic, and/or low grades because of ADD and ADHD.

Some students make the comment, "I am not Smart and that is why I am unable to read or do math like other students in my class!" Did the teacher say that your child may be retained or did you get a report card that says, "May be retained?" Did your son or daughter get failing report card grades in Math or Reading or Language Arts? If any of the above sounds familiar to you or your child, Dr. Larman's Dare To Be Smart Program is for you! "Your child's future is in your hands! Don't just tell your child to get good grades, give your child the gift of tools and confidence needed to become Smart!"

All tutors assigned by Dr. Larman have to go through Dr. Larman's Training Instructional Program, in order to become the most effective tutors and instructors for your child or son or daughter. Tutors and instructors and teachers receive Special Certification from Dr. Larman, once the satisfactorily complete his personal training.

Tutoring Services for Boynton Beach, Delray Beach & Boca Raton

Evaluation / Assessment

Dr. Larman has evaluated and assessed thousands of students in the last forty years. His hands on experience over the past forty years evaluating and assessing students is what is needed for you to really get a true picture of your childís academic grade level, developmental level, and level of intelligence.

There are no other learning programs, tutoring programs or other 1-on-1 educational programs that come close to Dr. Larmanís 1-on-1 program. We know it, and we have proved it with the success of thousands of students over the past forty years.

Evaluating and assessing Palm Beach County students' level of academic performance is key to developing a corrective learning program.

Diagnosis / Prescription

Dr. Larman reviews the findings and responses gathered in the evaluation stage and then writes a "prescription for learning" for your child, teenager, or college student.

Next, students are taught during their 1-on-1 sessions how to use individually created "Learning Tools" to build their bridges to become confident and successful students!

One on one learning enviroment is the best approach for focusing students' efforts.

Implement / Execute

Dr. Larman's successful programs are administered by professional instructors that have been personally trained by Dr. Larman, using methods that have been proven to help students become successful in all academic areas, especially reading and math. This is one of the reasons why our program is a Giant Step Above Tutoring.

Dr.Larman's Program will raise grades, test scores and I.Q. scores. Proof that what we say is true is backed up by Published Scientific Research accomplished by Dr.Larman and can be found in the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. No other instructional company or institution of learning can make this statement and back it up!

Raise grade levels and improve study habits with Dr. Larman's Dare to Be Smart Program in Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Boca Raton, FL.



For professional tutoring, including academic assessments and diagnostics leading to a detailed program for success and confidence, rely on Dr. Larman. His services have been available in the Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Boca Raton, Florida area for years. If your child, elementary, middle school or high school is having difficulties with his or her school work, we can help. Dr. Larman's services are available to parents and student in Palm Beach County, Florida.